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5 Best ways to Know How to Drive Marketing in Your Startup on a Tight Budget

If we define sales and marketing in just 2 words, then sales can be defined as ' catering demand' and Marketing can be defined as  'generating demand' 
For every start ups Marketing is the crucial part where one needs generate demand for the products or services of your brand. But most of them need a large budget to execute a plan and get expected results out of it. 

However, you cant wait for any special time if you have a limited budget, opportunity doesn't knock your door for free, does it ? 
In fact, the lack of adequate funds is the best way to bring creativity and innovation to your plan. Hence even with a little idea and budget but if you have a clear determination, passion to drive your plan then you can initiate effective marketing campaigns woth very less amount. Read the strategies below that can help you.

1. Using low cost digital methods and Content : 

Make your logo, banners, blogs

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