Admin 23 Dec, 2022

Is Your Website Busy Converting, Or Just Busy?

As you take stock of the year and look back on all of your marketing efforts, check Top 15 Digital Marketing Expert Advice to Follow In 2023

now is a good time to take a hard look at your website.

Your website is many things:

  1. Your virtual sales department
  2. The hub of your marketing and communications outreach
  3. An information portal
  4. A data capturing vehicle
  5. Customer service support channel

And the list could go on. The importance of a website cannot be overstated. This might explain why companies are loading their websites with tons of information…

  • Sales and marketing messaging
  • Product and/or service overviews and resource materials
  • Company history, mission, staff, etc
  • Blog, video, and podcast content
  • White papers, eBooks, and presentations

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