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We Report On the Metrics That Matter.

Every search engine optimization campaign is measured and presented to our clients to provide them with an understanding of the work and the results that effort will achieve. Our transparency ensures that clients are getting the value they deserve while helping them make the best use of the campaign. We provide a dashboard for each SEO program to keep you informed on each part of the process for on-page and off-page optimization efforts.

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Detailed digital marketing reports

Reporting is integral to our digital marketing services. We share campaign and program data to help you understand how your digital marketing is driving your business forward. Our digital marketing reporting includes:

  • Search engine optimization reports – Traffic volumes, sources and backlink profiles.
  • PPC search engine marketing reports – Click-through rates and cost-per-conversion data.
  • PPC display marketing reports – Key performance analytics and campaign engagement.
  • Social media marketing reports – Audience analytics and campaign data.
  • Email marketing reports – Click-through rates, engagement levels and conversion data.

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Monthly reporting

We manage our digital marketing programs in monthly cycles. That means each month you get trends and data analysis in your digital marketing reports. Giving you the visibility to see the performance and move your business forward, every month. Review your account's performance across key digital marketing services. You can see your spend month by month and how this spend translates to conversions. Right down to the time of day and top-performing keywords. All to give you complete visibility on your account.

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Our Plan

5GB Web Space
Host 1 Website
Unlimited Bandwidth
20 Email Account

Free SSL Certificate
100% Service Uptime
Virus Scanner



  • Limited Times Marketing
  • 20 Analytics Campaigns
  • 500 Keywords
  • 800,000 crawled Page
  • Unlimited Updates
  • + Free Website Design



  • Unlimited Times Marketing
  • 5 Analytics Campaigns
  • 300 Keywords
  • 250,000 crawled Page
  • Unlimited Updates
  • + Free Website Design